Launching a Pre-Order Campaign for our next record!

Okay guys. Gather ’round, take a knee. Hear the tale of our Pre-Order Party at Beach Records this Friday night.

We’re going in to the studio on January 22 to record our second album, and we are SO stoked about it. We’re excited about these songs, we’re excited about the process, and we’re excited for everybody to hear what we’ve been working so hard for!

So, between studio time, production, mixing, replication of the CDs and vinyl, we’re looking at a ton of money. We get paid for what we do, so we’re not pleading poverty. But we’re looking at close to $10,000 in up-front expenses, before we have a product in hand to sell. Look in to the cost of replicating CDs and pressing vinyl, and you’ll see what we’re up against.

That’s where you come in!

We’re going to pre-sell copies of the new record to help take a bite out of those up-front costs.

If you’re coming to the show, we’ll have a set-up there to take cash or credit cards. We’ll take names and email addresses on a list, and we’ll give everybody a certificate/receipt with their purchase.

If you’re NOT coming to the show, or if you’re just so excited to give us your money that you don’t want to wait… you can go to this link and pre-order online!

Thank you guys, SO MUCH. Looking forward to the show!

We're going on tour!

We’re hitting the road for the first leg of our Summer Road Trip! We’re joining up with our good friends The Fuss, from Washington DC, and we’re playing three shows June shows along the Eastern Seaboard. This weekend, catch us in Brooklyn, Rhode Island and Baltimore!